Meet the ugly dolls with life-like teeth which are set to be a Christmas best seller

Children playing with Fugglers. Photo: PA Video

Children playing with Fugglers. Photo: PA Video - Credit: PA Video

Hamleys toy store have released predictions for which toys will be in demand this festive season.

According to the toy retailer Hamleys, unconventional dolls with human-like teeth, known as Fugglers, are going to be a hit this Christmas as the trend of 'imperfectionism' reaches the toy industry.

Hamleys said imperfectionism was beginning to emerge as a trend 'as children increasingly resist the pressures of idealised perfection in social channels and celebrity icons.'

MORE: A look inside bespoke shoe designer's new Norwich storeThe store also said Crate Creatures, which have pointy ears, a naughty grin and glowing eyes are also part of the trend.

Similarly, the Boxer Robot toy is 'needy and fallible - bumping into things, falling over and sometimes saying the wrong thing.'

Hamleys said even established institutions such as Monopoly had seen 'a new blast of reality' with the latest Cheaters Edition letting players steal, deceive and lie to beat fellow competitors.

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Victoria Kay, head buyer at Hamleys, said: 'We have cute, we have cuddly, we have fun, we have education, but this year in some of our toy categories we are also seeing an antidote to the highly polished perfectionism portrayed in many social media channels.

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'It makes for a wonderfully diverse and interesting range this year - for kids and kidults alike.'

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