‘Friendly Faces’ can mean you’re never alone at Sheringham Little Theatre

Joan Thame is the co-ordinator of the new Friendly Faces scheme at Sheringham Little Theatre. Pictur

Joan Thame is the co-ordinator of the new Friendly Faces scheme at Sheringham Little Theatre. Picture: Richard Batson - Credit: Archant

A north Norfolk theatre is holding out a welcoming hand to solo visitors so they can enjoy shows with new friends.

Sheringham Little Theatre has launched a Friendly Faces scheme for people who would like to see a show or movie but have no-one to go with.

The new venture - for matinee performances only - is aimed at those who are bereaved, lonely, or just lacking confidence in stepping out to visit the theatre.

Theatre director Debbie Thompson said: 'We are aware there are people out there who would love to see live stage drama or a film but are put off by the prospect of going alone.

'We aim to be a theatre for the whole community and the scheme means those people can come, be met by a Friendly Face – and, if they wish, share their experience with like-minded folk.

Mrs Thompson said: 'Going to the theatre is always a richer experience if you do with someone else, and Friendly Faces enables people on their own to link up with new friends and chat about the show.

'But even if you don't want to mix, it means there will always be someone to meet you – one of our Friendly Face contact volunteers.

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'They can introduce you to others in the same situation, so you are never alone.

'But if you just wanted to be greeted and left in peace, that is fine too.'

The Friendly Faces team, led by theatre trustee Joan Thame, can arrange for people to share a table at the interval in their own special group to discuss the event over a drink.

Mrs Thame added: 'This is for people who love theatre but find it a bit overwhelming to attend on their own whatever their circumstances.

'We hope this scheme will make them feel welcome to come and enjoy shows in a relaxed social setting – and maybe even make some new friends.'

People just need to phone the box office on 01263 822347, or drop in, and flag up that they would like to join the group for one of the afternoon shows.

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