Friday the 13th horror for Sheringham drivers

A one-way system that started on 'Friday the 13th' is turning into a horror story for confused Sheringham motorists, it was been claimed.

After many years as a two-way street, from January 13 cars could only drive north along St Peter's Road.

And as many as '20 cars every half an hour' have been caught out, according to a trader who owns a shop on the road.

At Sheringham Town Council on Tuesday February 7, Peter Cox from Peter's Bookshop said: 'It became one-way on Friday 13th of January, which is quite apt. It's mainly local drivers who use it, and they have got into the habit of going both ways along it.

'It's difficult to get out of the habit, particularly when at the bottom of the road there's no indication that it is one-way as you approach and turn into it. The signs are 20 metres into the road.'

He added: 'On the Saturday before last, a police officer stopped 20 cars in half an hour which were going the wrong way up the road. It's going to carry on until the correct signs are put up.'

PC Ian Smith admitted he had been caught out once while driving his patrol car. He told members: 'We will be giving attention to St Peter's Road, and understand further signs will be in place soon.

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'We will continue to offer words of advice as we believe habits are hard to break.'

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