Freezing temperatures have led to longer stays at the hedgehog hotel in East Winch

RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre. Picture: ANDREW FORSYTH/RSPCA

RSPCA East Winch Wildlife Centre. Picture: ANDREW FORSYTH/RSPCA - Credit: ANDREW FORSYTH/RSPCA

Freezing temperatures have lead to hundreds of hedgehogs being admitted to the RSPCA's hedgehog hotel.

Over 200 hedgehogs are being held in the East Winch Wildlife Centre with 97 ready to be released.

The centre is waiting for temperatures to rise above four degrees over four nights in order to release the hedgehogs into the wild - the last time this happened was on December 16.

Alison Charles, centre manager of East Winch Wildlife Centre, said: 'When we have this number of prickly patients in the centre they require as much care and attention as larger animals as it takes a lot of time to clean them out and feed them all.

'All we want to do is make sure that we can do our very best for the hedgehogs that come into our care, and ensure we can get them fit and healthy and back out into the wild where they belong.'

Last year a total of 952 hedgehogs were admitted. They are returned outdoors by the member of public who brought them into the centre.

Staff at East Winch hope the public of West Norfolk will help in getting hedgehogs home and are calling for donations for their care - tins of pedigree dog food in gravy, newspapers, or small towels and face flannels to give the hedgehogs somewhere to burrow.

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Donations can be made to the centre on Gayton Road.

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