Former town planner busks for first time at age of 67

John Norton, 67, who tries his hand at busking on Mustard TV's Never Too Late feature, with Dave Tho

John Norton, 67, who tries his hand at busking on Mustard TV's Never Too Late feature, with Dave Thomas from Fine City Blues (left). Pic: Mustard TV. - Credit: Archant

'I'm warning Norwich now, this could be the start of something mediocre' – and with that John Norton, at the age of 67, gets ready to try busking on the city's streets.

The former King's Lynn town planner is the latest person to take part in The Mustard Show's Never Too Late feature, which is all about showing it is never too late for older people to have a go at something they have always wanted to do. Six and a half years ago, Mr Norton, from Mattishall, discovered he had cancer of the jaw. Part of his jaw was removed and replaced with a section of his leg bone.

He said: 'Having gone through that, you start to make a list of things you'd like to do and one of them was to pick up a guitar again and play it a bit more and have a go at that.

'Two years ago I saw the vibrancy of New Orleans and the busking on the street and I thought 'I like that, I wish I had the nerve to do that', so I'd like to do a bit of busking – to have the nerve to stand up there and do it.'

Viewers will see Mr Norton, guitar in hand, steeling himself to perform in public, with help from Dave Thomas, from Fine City Blues.

And Mustard TV's own Helen McDermott is there to lend him a hand – or, more accurately, a voice. Never Too Late – which is being run in conjunction with the Hostry Festival and sponsored by Tingdene – will feature on The Mustard Show on Mustard TV tonight at 6.30pm.

The six-part feature series is aired every Wednesday.

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Later this month, the Never Too Late participants will also feature in an event at Norwich Cathedral's Hostry as part of the Hostry Festival.


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