Norfolk lottery winner Michael Carroll now earning £10 an hour as a lumberjack

£9.5million Lotto winner, Michael Carroll splashes the champagne. PIC: Matthew Usher.

£9.5million Lotto winner, Michael Carroll splashes the champagne. PIC: Matthew Usher. - Credit: Eastern Daily Press, Archant

A Norfolk lottery winner who blew almost £10million is now earning £10 an hour working as a lumberjack, a national newspaper has reported.

Michael Carroll scooped the lottery jackpot in 2002 but he squandered away the money on fast cars plus drink and drugs.

He is now penniless and is delivering coal and chops firewood at a fuel merchant's firm in Elgin, Scotland.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper, he said: 'I hump around 50kg bags of coal and I chop the logs that are sold at filling stations.

'My £10million vanished in just 10 years and I don't have a home or a car to call my own. But I'm not bitter.'

Mr Carroll's day starts at 6am and he often works 12-hour shifts.

But he is not downbeat about having to do backbreaking work since becoming broke.

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He added: 'I might deliver 150 sacks of coal a day. Sometimes I'll get a tip of a few quid which is quite funny.'

He said that he doesn't usually get recognised because his face is black from soot.

He explained that he is much better shape physically, having slimmed down from 22st to his current weight, 17st.

He said that life is not all about money and that he has never been happier since returning to work.

Mr Carroll said becoming broke is the 'best thing that happened to him', adding that he 'had a great time doing it'.

He won £9.7million on the National Lottery in 2002 and immediately set about spending it.

He gave £4m to friends and family, bought a mansion in Swaffham, Norfolk, and splashed out on racing cars.

Mr Carroll admits wasting millions on cocaine, drink, gambling and prostitutes, plus drinking two bottles of vodka a day.

After his win, Carroll hit the headlines for his reckless behavior.

He was handed an ASBO for terrorising his neighbours and was jailed for five months in 2004 after failing to comply with a drug treatment order imposed as part of a sentence for cocaine possession.

In February 2006 he was jailed for nine months for affray.

By February 2010, he was declared bankrupt and found himself back on Jobseeker's Allowance.

Among Mr Carroll's previous jobs since going broke was at a biscuit factory in Elgin.

He occasionally plays the lottery and said If he won again he would 'be down the yard at six every morning just to keep out of trouble'.

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