Former Lowestoft police officer speaks of court case ordeal

A former Lowestoft police officer who was acquitted of misconduct and supplying cannabis charges has described his court ordeal as going through 'hell.'

Christopher Clark was cleared by a jury last week of three misconduct charges for not recording drugs and one allegation of supplying cannabis.

Yesterday Mr Clark spoke on how the court case affected his life.

Mr Clark, 46 ,retired from Suffolk police after nearly 20 years of service following his arrest in February 2011 over the four allegations.

The father of one, who won eight police awards and met Gordon Brown in 2008 after saving a man from the sea in Lowestoft, is now working in the offshore industry for Great Yarmouth-based Red7Marine.

Describing his ordeal at facing the allegations and a trial at Norwich Crown Court, Mr Clark said: 'I thought I was always a good copper.

'I was very proud to be in the police and I never want another officer to go through what I had to.

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'It was hell.'

The allegations related to how drugs had been either found, confiscated or seized in three separate incidents in Lowestoft.

In relation to his actions in the incidents Mr Clark, formerly of Denmark Road, Lowestoft, but who now lives elsewhere in the area, said: 'I always used common sense policing. I think I had a lot of respect in this town for treating people fairly but firmly.'

Mr Clark also wanted to thank his family and friends who had supported him.

At his trial Mr Clark had pleaded guilty to three separate charges, which related to police ammunition found at his home, Clark was ordered to pay �1,200 in court costs, a �800 fine and a �15 victim surcharge.

Mr Clark, who had been in the Royal Engineers before becoming a police officer, said the ammunition had been given to him by a former army colleague and he did not know the bullets were active.

As well as his meeting with Mr Brown the former police officer counts a Royal Human Society award for helping to save the lives of three suicidal people among his awards.

When he left Suffolk police he was only four months away from receiving a long service and conduct award from the force. He spent all of his 20 years based in Lowestoft, apart from about five years at Beccles.

A previous report on our website incorrectly stated Mr Clark had been charged with selling cannabis when in fact it should have stated he had been charged with supplying it.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

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