Former boxer’s acting hopes ahead of Norwich film screening

A former boxer who made the leap into acting is hoping a Norwich screening of his new film in which he plays a gangster with narcolepsy will prove to be a knockout and lead to bigger things.

Earl Ling, of Loddon, was one of the best boxers in Britain, but since putting away his gloves for good in 2009 has appeared in a number of movies, including alongside Danny Dyer in fantasy adventure film Malice in Wonderland.

Mr Ling insists the that the two pursuits are not entirely dissimilar:

'When I was in the ring I would bare my soul to the public. I suppose when you're acting you may be playing a completely different person to who you are, but you are still baring your soul,' he said.

Now he is hoping that new short film, The Plan, in which he takes the lead as a narcoleptic gang boss who is planning a jewel heist, can become a full length movie.

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Directed by Jason Moola, there will now be a showing of The Plan at Project Nightclub in Norwich next month in an effort to attract financial backing and get the 24-minute tale turned into a feature film. Mr Ling said that any uncertainty about 'playing another gangster' disappeared as he read the script.

'I was completely taken by the role, and the fact it's a comedy and though my character is a nasty piece of work he also gets a few laughs as well.

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'I couldn't read through the script without laughing and it's also a semi-musical, so having never sung in my life I ended up belting out a number called The Plan, which was pretty daunting.'

Filming finished earlier this year, with the story focusing on the group of crooks, all of whom suffer from a range of disabilities, from tourettes to pognophobia – a fear of beards.

It was also one of 22 movies chosen from a selection of 300 at the London Lift Off Festival this month, with Mr Ling nominated for the best actor award.

Now, with the original costing �1,000 to make, those involved in creating the full-length version will need �100,000 upwards.

And having starred in a recent psychological horror film, The Power, Mr Ling hopes he can continue building a career in the movies.

'I'm enjoying this a lot more than the boxing,' he said, 'even if it does mean that while before I had a six pack I've now got love handles.'

Those interested in backing the movie can call Jason Moola on 07984420291.

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