Fleggburgh pub stops serving foie gras as police investigate abusive comments to staff from ‘vegan activists’

The Kings Arms, Fleggburgh.

The Kings Arms, Fleggburgh. - Credit: Nick Butcher

A Fleggburgh pub has stopped serving foie gras after staff reported they had received 'disgusting and unacceptable messages' over its inclusion on the menu.

Norfolk Police have confirmed they are investigating the reports that staff at the King's Arms Pub in Fleggburgh had received comments which could cause harassment, alarm or distress.

They are also looking into a comment made on Facebook of a potential protest at the pub on Valentine's Day.

The luxury French dish is created by force-feeding a duck or goose with a feeding tube to fatten the liver, which many animal campaigners have slammed for being cruel.

A police spokesperson, said: 'We are aware that there has been a mention on Facebook of people going to the pub on Valentine's Day.

'Police are currently looking into the reports over the messages, and if there is a protest then officers will also be on hand to keep the peace.'

A message published on the King's Arms Fleggburgh Facebook page, said that they had received 'disgusting and unacceptable messages' from 'vegan activists'.

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It said: 'To stop this unfair behaviour on our staff we have decided to remove the foie gras from the menu and apologise to all of our customers who enjoy our parfait dish.'

The post has received a lot of attention from followers of the pub, with a heavy debate over the cuisine.

Production of foie gras is currently banned in the UK, but can however be and imported into and purchased.

Cait Clarke, said on the Facebook page: 'As a farmer, I really do not agree with how foie gras is produced and wouldn't eat it. It wouldn't stop me eating at your restaurant though I simply wouldn't order it.'

Judi-Mae Genevieve Alderton, said: 'I think it is such a shame you had to take it off the menu.

'Foie gras is delightful and eating meat and anything like that is personal choice.'

The Kings Arms pub refused to comment on the story.

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