Fitness app started by local doctor acts as a personal trainer for competitive runners

Dr Sean Radford has developed a new running app based on his unique background. Picture: Ian Burt

Dr Sean Radford has developed a new running app based on his unique background. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

A new fitness app is taking the world of competitive sport training by storm - and runners are taking notice.

Dr Radford with app. Picture: Ian Burt

Dr Radford with app. Picture: Ian Burt - Credit: Ian Burt

TrainAsONE, a free training system that provides users with personal coaching based on individual health, fitness levels and goals, was nominated for the 2017 Running Awards.

The new app on the block is in the running with fitness giants, including Asics and Nike, and utilises the latest research, data science and Artificial Intelligence to help users plan their next 5k or marathon. It aims to prevent injuries, many of which are caused by incorrect or over training.

The technology behind the product might sound complicated, but the goal for the app is simple.

'We wanted to tackle the problem of runners not knowing how to run,' Founder and CEO Sean Radford, from Gressenhall, said.

'Most people come to us saying in the past they've either hired a running coach or had a stock training plan. Everyone is completely different and we wanted to provide a personalised app catered to your level of fitness.'

Renaissance man Dr Radford, who supported himself through medical school by doing IT work, started the business after his own experiences as a marathon runner. He had 30 odd years writing software, realised there was a need for a fitness program that adjusted specifically to the individual and started working on the projet full-time in 2014.

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What he and his small team came up with was an app that can analyse a runner's previous fitness statistics (often from other running apps) and create a personalised plan for that individual.

The system is so detail-oriented that it can adjust a run based on elevation, weather and temperature. If running during the summer, for example, the app will tell you what time of the day is best for exercise and at what kind and length.

'Most fitness apps approach running from a completely different angle - they tell you what you have done, but don't give you insight into what you can do in the future.

'If you have a cold, or go away on business, you can tell the system and it'll adjust to fit in with your lifestyle,' he said.

Dr Radford said the success of the app is owed to feedback from the users, which is why it was nominated for the 2017 Running Awards.

'We're not as big as other running brands with millions in investment, but our users love it. The fact is they do talk about us online and those comments and numbers are the reason we were nominated.

'We have this position among the big boys and it shows that a small English company can do it. It's amazing and quite touching. You build this thing and it's changing people's lives,' he said.

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