Family name man whose body was found on the shoreline at Great Yarmouth

Beach area near the Iron Duke pub in North Yarmouth. Picture from Google Maps

Beach area near the Iron Duke pub in North Yarmouth. Picture from Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

A man whose body was found on Great Yarmouth's shoreline last week has been named by family members.

The man was found on the shoreline near the Iron Duke pub in North Yarmouth at around 6.30am on Monday, November 14.

He was named by family as Brian Stannard and he was 64-years-old. He is from Great Yarmouth and lived in North Denes Road and is originally from Northgate Street and Palgrave Road.

A Norfolk Police spokesman said they are not treating the death as suspicious and they finished their investigations into the death of a man,

Yesterday, a fisherman spoke of his shock after discovering the body.

Aaron Thurlow was herring fishing when he came across the man lying face down on the waters edge at 6.30am.

Mr Thurlow, who also works on the Caister Lifeboat, had been fishing on his own since 5.20am.

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Mr Thurlow said: 'I had just finished herding the nets near the site of the Iron Duke pub when I saw what I thought to be a coat in the water almost on the beach crashing against the waves.

'Daylight was only just breaking so from a distance I could not tell what it was but I thought I would go over and take a closer look.

'I got very close and that's when I figured out what it was. I immediately pulled him out of the water.'

After pulling the man onto the beach he called for both the coastguard and police to attend.

Five police vehicles attended the scene, and the man was immediately pronounced dead just after they arrived.

They remained on scene throughout the morning as initial investigations were carried out.

Mr Thurlow said: 'Personally it was a horrible way to start the day and something you could never expect to come across on a standard fishing trip out into sea.

'It is something no one should have to see, it was shocking to witness something like that.

'I pray for his family and friends who will have lost a loved one.'

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