Environment Agency warns people to steer clear of river after sewage leak

The River Thet. Pictures: Sonya Brown

The River Thet. Pictures: Sonya Brown - Credit: Archant

The Environment Agency in East Anglia has issued a warning to not enter a Norfolk river.


The agency has been responding to a number of incidents on the River Thet, near Thetford, after a sewage pipe burst in Raymond Street.

Residents are warned to not enter the water or allow animals too while the incident is being dealt with.

In a separate incident thunderstorms have caused surface water to run off into the river resulting in oxygen levels falling to 11pc causing around 100 fish to die. The levels at this time of year should be around 80pc.

On Twitter the Environment Agency for East Anglia posted: 'Our staff are out on the ground responding to incidents on the River Thet.

'There are dead and distressed fish, dissolved oxygen levels at 11pc. Hydrogen peroxide being dosed to raise oxygen.

'We are aware of the burst sewage pipe on Raymond Street in Thetford. At this time please keep out of the river and animals too.'

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The Great Ouse and Fenland Fisheries Team have been out on the river trying to increase the oxygen levels.

A post on Twitter said: 'Many dead fish and plenty in distress with dissolved oxygen levels at 11pc. Hydrogen peroxide being dosed to raise oxygen.'

Residents are asked to call 0800 807060 to report any incidents.

The River Thet is 1.25km long and is a part of the River Little Ouse which runs through Breckland.

The River Little Ouse continues through Thetford and Brandon.

The river is host to a number of species of fish including large shoals of dace and roach. At differing times of the season there are also chub, perch and pike.

Fishermen are warned to not fish in the area while oxidisation and pollution clean up is carried out.