Film will chart impact of Sheringham Tesco

A film charting what happens to a town centre when a controversial new Tesco store opens is being made at Sheringham.

The person behind the camera will be one of the leading opponents of the supermarket.

But Eroica Mildmay says she will let the camera tell the story of the impact the store has on the trading heart of the town.

'I am just pointing the camera and observing. I don't need to take an angle,' said Ms Mildmay who led the Sheringham Campaign Against Major Retail Overdevelopment which opposed Tesco for more than 13 years.

'If the roads are heaving with traffic, there is gridlock, the shops are shutting down and the shopkeepers reporting a loss in takings I will film it

'But if the roads are flowing, the amount of extra shoppers is astounding and Tesco has been a steroid shot in the arm I must record that too,' she explained.

Over the next three to five years Ms Mildmay will be around town charting the changes that follow the building and opening of the store on the Cromer Road, which was subject to a long and often bitter planning battle.

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She had secured funding to make a 90-minute documentary which would look at what the future held for Sheringham and would interest people both in Britain and around the world.

'It will document the beginning of a journey for Sheringham. We also have the support of local shopkeepers and residents who are very keen to have the impact of Tesco's arrival recorded for posterity, considering the serious concerns about this development,' added Ms Mildmay.

The big question was 'was it the right decision or a foolish one made for all the wrong reasons?'

It would look into the planning saga and decision, highlighting the roles of 'key individuals in the community' and North Norfolk District Council.

Ms Mildway, a novelist who also has experience of advertising camerawork, said she had the support of film-making professionals, but would be out and about doing the filming herself.

The council and Tesco would be invited to be involved, but she was not sure whether they would take part.

Anyone wanting to have an input into the film can contact Ms Mildmay at