Fighter jets over Norwich were from RAF Lakenheath’s 48th Fighter Squadron

An F-15 Strike Eagle based at RAF Lakenheath

An F-15 Strike Eagle based at RAF Lakenheath - Credit: Submitted

The United States fighter squadron based at RAF Lakenheath has confirmed the jets which were flying over Norwich on Tuesday were its aircraft.

There were a number of military aircraft, both F15E and F-15C aircraft, jetting across the skies of the city on Tuesday morning, sparking some people on Twitter to complain about the noise.

A spokesman for 48th Fighter Wing, which are stationed at the Suffolk airbase said: 'We can confirm that 48th Fighter Wing aircraft were flying near Norwich on June 13.

'These aircraft were conducting routine training and were operating in accordance with the rules and limitations set by the United Kingdom.

'We take each noise complaint received from our surrounding communities very seriously, and work closely with our Ministry of Defence partners to ensure they are addressed promptly.'

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In November last year the pilot of an F-15C Eagle, from the 48th Fighter Wing, was grounded after causing a 'sonic event' while flying over the city.

The plane exceeded the speed of sound and airbase bosses said they would not fly until they had received additional training.

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Speed restrictions are in place for aircraft flying over populated areas, with pilots meant to stay below Mach.95 (728mph) to prevent them from flying over Mach 1 - the speed of sound.

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