Bomb scare on coast turns out to be false alarm

Bomb squad coast

Bomb squads, police and the coastguard were tasked with disposing of the object and making the area safe - Credit: Sarah Agger

Bomb disposal units were called to Lowestoft after a suspicious object washed up on the beach could not be identified.

Zach Bedley from Humber Coastguard said the team were called at around 1pm when a member of the public found what looked like an "old bomb" near Links Hill. Luckily, it turned out to be a false alarm.

Bomb squad at Lowestoft

Units were on the beach at Links Hill in Lowestoft for around two hours while the object was identified - Credit: Sarah Agger

After Explosive Ordinance Disposal units could not identify the object through pictures, a bomb squad was dispatched while the coastguard set up a cordon and kept the area clear.

Mr Bedley said: "When the teams got here they assessed the object and found out it was just fibreglass.

"These kind of incidents happen up and down the coast when seas are particularly choppy. Old bits of fibreglass get deposited on the beach, and quite often they look like old bombs."

Mr Bedley confirmed that teams were stood down two hours later at 3pm.