Fans go wild for Ronan Parke on Britain’s Got Talent tour

Poringland singing star Ronan Parke is enjoying every minute of the Britain's Got Talent tour and his increasing fame.

Ronan, 12, belted out Nina Simone's Feeling Good and Adele's Make You Feel my Love on the first night of the tour, which kicked off in Newcastle on Saturday.

'In Newcastle we went outside to sign autographs and it was crazy. We had to stop doing it because it wasn't safe. People were crying because we didn't have enough time to sign for everyone.'

Ronan's mum, Maggie, said: 'It is mass hysteria! Quite a lot of fans and giving him things and crying. People are stopping him in hotels - not just children but adults too. Lots of people like him. He is going down a storm.'

He said: 'It is amazing. I am having the best time of my life. The show is in two parts, on the first part I'm on last and then there is an interval and I am on second from last and then we all come out together for the finale.

'The tour is really exciting, last night in Edinburgh was sold out. I got a really good reception, the crowds go wild which really boosts my confidence. It is my dream.

'Fans have given me Maryland cookies, bracelets, banners and posters.

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'I also had a box from a guy I don't even know and it was full of sweets and bracelets and there was a bottle of champagne for my mum and dad.'

Although he is enjoying being on tour, he is missing his family and friends.

'I am missing my brother and my friend Julia and my cat but she's being looked after by my grandad.'

Ronan is being tutored on the tour bus to keep on top of his school work.

He is particularly excited about performing in Glasgow, his mum's home town on Tuesday night.

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