Fakenham referendum plans

Residents of Fakenham go to the polls this week to have their say on two hot issues affecting their everyday lives.

Residents at Fakenham go to the polls this week to have their say on two

major issues affecting their everyday lives.

On Thursday, they will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed short-term stay site for travellers on the edge of town and the future of community care beds at Cranmer House.

Only those people whose names are on the electoral roll for Fakenham can vote in the two polls.

No poll cards are being issued and those people eligible to vote will have their names checked against the official list at the entrance to the polling station at the Trap Lane pavilion near the High School.

Proposals by North Norfolk District Council to provide a travellers' site off the old Holt Road, on the outskirts of the town, have met with strong opposition from residents.

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Members of the Fakenham Action Group, which has been fighting the issue, believe the site is in the wrong place and will have a detrimental

affect on the town's long-term future.

Supporters of Cranmer House are fighting proposals by the Norfolk Primary Care Trust to close 13 community beds as part of a review of services aimed at providing more care at home.

Opponents of the plan fear that once the beds go, other services at Cranmer House could also be lost.

Both groups have urged Fakenham residents to take the opportunity of this one-off chance to make their views known by voting in the referendum when the polling takes place

between 4pm and 9pm on Thursday.

The travellers' site question is: "Do you agree that a site for temporary stays for gipsies/travellers should be sited in the Fakenham area?"

Questions on the Cranmer House issue are: "Do you agree with the proposed closure of palliative beds and other services offered at Cranmer House?"

"Would you like Cranmer House to remain open, giving the care as it does at present?"

Both questions require a yes/no answer.

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