Man left heartbroken after losing late wife's wedding ring

John Paige with his late wife Vanessa.

John Paige with his late wife Vanessa. - Credit: John Paige

A Norfolk man has spoken of his devastation after losing his late wife's wedding ring.

John Paige, 68, of Fakenham, had been wearing the ring on a chain around his neck since losing his wife Vanessa of 41 years to cancer in December 2020.

Following his wife's passing, Mr Paige had taken up bird watching as a way of getting out the house.

And after a trip to Holkham National Nature Reserve on March 14, Mr Paige was left distraught after realising the ring had vanished after returning home.

A closer look at the missing wedding ring.

A closer look at the missing wedding ring. - Credit: John Paige

He said: "I was absolutely gutted when I found out it had gone.

"I'm heartbroken and I blame myself - I keep telling myself I should have left it at home."

Despite searching the area and even using metal detectors to find the elusive ring - the search effort has been unsuccessful so far. 

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And after two weeks of searching and praying for good news, Mr Paige admits all he can do now is hope.

He added: "I know there's some good people in the world so you never know. 

"But I couldn't possibly replace it, you can't put a price on it."

After losing his wife, Mr Paige had wanted to carry a part of her with him and admits he feels lost without it.

Mr Paige added: "It's a double kick in the teeth because she's no longer here.

"I thought I'd carry her ring with me and now I can't even do that.

"It's just so devastating."

The ring is described as an engraved 18 carat gold ring - and Mr Paige has even offered a £500 reward for its safe return.

He added: "If it's ever found, I'll be over the moon and will shed lots of tears."

Mr Paige's upset comes after a Norwich grandmother also lost her wedding band recently during a family trip to Gorleston Beach.

Sandra Ireson, who has been married 49 years, lost her ring on Sunday, March 27, and has been searching ever since.