Exclusive: Felixstowe voters on their Brexit regret

Would you change how you voted? Picture: ANTONY KELLY

Would you change how you voted? Picture: ANTONY KELLY - Credit: Archant

More voters in Felixstowe expressed regret about voting to leave the European Union than anywhere else in the region.

While our market place and town centre survey suggests that as a whole East Anglia has few regrets about leaving the European Union, almost one in four of the people we spoke to in the Suffolk town of Felixstowe said they would switch from a leave vote to now back remain.

Theresa May could trigger Article 50 this week and formally start Britain and the European Union divorce proceedings.

The bill which would allow her to do so is due to be passed today.

Every district in Suffolk and Essex voted to leave the European Union last year. In Norfolk, Norwich was the only area which had a majority of voters who wanted to remain in the political union.

The Suffolk Coastal district council area largely followed the national trend with 53pc of voters backing Brexit and 47pc backing remain.

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Reporter Richard Cornwall on what people told him while he was conducting the Brexit poll in Felixstowe this month.

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Voters on the streets of Felixstowe appeared to be frustrated with the Brexit process – and felt misled by the promises made during the campaign.

A higher number than in other places said they had changed their mind since last summer's vote – deciding now that they would prefer to remain inside the European Union rather than leave.

Those that spoke to the EADT had various reasons for their switch of allegiance but most felt aggrieved that pledges of extra cash for the NHS might not be forthcoming as people had been led to believe.

Others were worried by the fear food prices could rocket once the Brexit deal is done if Britain is no longer in the free market, especially if farmers have to be paid subsidies by the Government, an issue hardly touched upon during the campaign.

Others said they did not realise Brexit would take so long and the uncertainty and time was causing them to reflect on how they had voted.

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