Ex-teacher Stefan Bojanowski, from Aylsham High, North Walsham High, Cromer High and Earlham High, in plea for photo portrait subjects

Retired teacher Stefan Bojanowski is searching for willing subjects to help him with his new passion of photography.

Mr Bojanowski, 65, wants to capture the changing faces of Norfolk in black and white images and is appealing for men and women of all ages and from all walks of life to come forward.

He is also interested in photographing people in working environments which reflect Norfolk's heritage, and he is already hopeful of a shoot at a traditional butcher's, not too far from his north Norfolk home at Plumstead, near Holt,

'I want to look at faces in terms of a narrative. I don't want people to just say: 'That's Jim'. I want my photos to tell something more about the people,' said Mr Bojanowski, known by former pupils as 'Mr BJ' in his days as an English and media studies teacher at Cromer, Aylsham, North Walsham and Earlham high schools.

'I want my subjects to look deeply into the lens. I don't want to take those sort of photos where people are looking into the distance somewhere - all poetic and mystical. I want them to engage with the camera.'

He has decided on black and white photos to avoid the 'distraction' of colour. Mr Bojanowski explained: 'I don't want people saying: 'I don't like the colour of her hair' or 'what a strange jumper.''

His interest in the subject began some two years ago when his wife Helen bought him a 'small snapshot' camera.

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He started taking photos and so enjoyed thinking about their composition that he signed up for City and Guilds classes in Wells-next-the-Sea with tutor Julia Rafferty, gaining level one and two qualifications.

Mr Bojanowski said he quickly realised that his point-and-shoot camera was 'not up to the job' and he has invested in a Pentax K5 digital SLR camera and a prime lens.

'It enables me to get into a more intimate close-up - I can focus on a hair on your nose and throw the rest of the photo out of focus,' he added.

Willing Sheringham Little Theatre actors and actresses, appearing in Neil Simon's Last of the Red Hot Lovers in the summer, gave Mr Bojanowski the chance to try out a few portrait ideas.

Since then he said he had occasionally approached interesting potential subjects in the street and asked if he could take their photo, with mixed success, although women had usually been more inclined to agree.

Now he's hoping a few women readers might step forward and also 'volunteer' their husbands or partners for a photo session.

? Contact Mr Bojanowski on 01263 577217 or email: stefanbojanowski@rocketmail.com

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