Eurosceptic East Anglian photographer “livid” after picture appears without permission in government’s £9m pro-EU brochure

Norfolk photographer Mike Page who is furious that the government have used one of his photos withou

Norfolk photographer Mike Page who is furious that the government have used one of his photos without permission or payment in the referendum booklet.PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

When eurosceptic Mike Page picked up the latest pro-European Union pamphlet from his doormat the last thing he expected to see was one of his own pictures of the Port of Felixstowe.

The pro-Brexit photographer, whose aerial shots of East Anglia are much-loved by Eastern Daily Press readers and have raised thousands of pounds for charity, was 'livid' to find that unbeknownst to him a shot taken earlier this year had been used without his knowledge or permission in the taxpayer-funded document making the case to remain.

The 76-year-old, who runs a garage in Strumpshaw, near Norwich, has accepted a charity donation from the port and said he would not be taking it further,

The government has come under fire for spending £9m of public funds producing, promoting and sending the leaflet to every household in Britain.

Mr Page, who received the leaflet yesterday, said: 'I had a quick look at it and thought 'that looks like mine'. I checked, and it was.'

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The photograph had been given to the Port of Felixstowe by Mr Page, but he said he had not given permission for it to be used by a third party without his say so, and would not have given permission if asked.

'I totally disagree with what they are doing, particularly producing this brochure. They are submitting that to every house in the UK and it has cost us a fortune and a lot of the stuff they are putting in there is total rubbish. But the point is they used it without asking.'

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Mr Page, who flies aeroplanes as a hobby, said that he would be voting to leave the European Union because of the way European Union legislation had affected flying, adding extra costs for licence renewal and medical checks. He was also critical of the impact the European Union had on his garage business in Strumpshaw and the regulations around conservation. He also claimed that EU regulations around river drainage had led to more flooding.

A Port of Felixstowe spokesman said: 'It was one of a number of photographs we provided to the government. On this particular image there was a misunderstanding on the copyright but this has been resolved to Mike Page's satisfaction.'

Downing Street said Felixstowe port had provided the image and gave permission for its use in the leaflet.

Prime minister David Cameron MP has visited the Port of Felixstowe twice in the last 12 months, most recently speaking to a group of port employees and customers about the benefits of the UK's membership of the European Union.

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