EU can’t have that on your house - council orders man to remove EU flag painting from the side of his home


A man who painted the flag of Europe on his house to express his disappointment over Brexit is seeking legal advice after his district council ordered him to remove it.

Bren Goillon from Helhoughton, has painted the EU flag on the side of his house to show the disapoin

Bren Goillon from Helhoughton, has painted the EU flag on the side of his house to show the disapointment at Britain leaving the European Union. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Bren Goillon believes the council has not given him a valid reason to remove the 15ft wide, 15ft high painting, in which he replaces one of the 12 yellow stars with a teardrop.

But North Norfolk District Council say he is in breach of rules governing listed buildings.

Mr Goillon, 49, who lives in Helhoughton, near Fakenham, said: 'I accept that what I have done is controversial. I would happily remove the painting if they could give me a proper reason for doing so. I checked the rules before I did the painting and could see nothing that said I was not allowed to do it.'

Mr Goillon has received a letter from the council's enforcement team which states that the painting is in breach of advertisement regulations and 'impairs the visual amenity of the area'.

It adds that he would need planning permission for it but states Mr Goillon would be highly unlikely to receive this. The council has given Mr Goillon 28 days from August 22 to remove the painting.

But Mr Goillon said: 'It's clearly not an advert in any way, shape or form so I can't see how it's in breach of advertising regulations.

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'Someone has made a complaint to the council and they've just thought, 'let's find a way of getting him to remove it'. I don't like to be pushed around in this way and I'm seeking legal advice.'

Sue Arnold, North Norfolk District Council cabinet member for planning, said: 'We do understand that Mr Goillon feels passionately about the issue of the EU and he has every right to express that.

'However, the rules governing listed buildings mean he cannot express himself permanently on the side of his house.

'We do not wish to stop Mr Goillon making his feelings in response to the EU referendum widely known, it is just that he can't do it in this way.'

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