Ely Cathedral painting fetches �38,000 at auction

A 19th Century painting of Ely Cathedral sold for �38,000 at auction – more than double its expected value.

The 1886 work by Keeley Halswelle was predicted to fetch between �10,000 and �15,000 when it was opened to bidders at Sotheby's in London.

But the 36x54 inch oil on canvas painting, which was signed and dated by the artist and said to be in good condition, cost the buyer �46,850.

Victorian and Edwardian painting specialist Simon Toll said the painting had attracted a great deal of interest from train enthusiasts and those with strong connections to Ely.

Passing Storm depicts a steam train running through the foreground with the stunning cathedral behind.

'To have a steam train in the picture now looks quite quaint but it was depicting something very modern at the time,' Mr Toll said.