Election 2017: UEA students share their predictions

UEA students have gathered in the students' union bar to watch the election results come in. Photo:

UEA students have gathered in the students' union bar to watch the election results come in. Photo: Tony Allen - Credit: Archant

Students at the University of East Anglia are camping out in the students' union bar overnight to watch the election results roll in.

A handful shared their views and made some predictions on the results.

• Billy Rhys, 22, history student

'I don't disbelieve in tuition fees, but money doesn't grow on trees. We should be more realistic - I firmly believe that I should pay for my own education and it [tuition fees] stops degrees like 'David Beckham Studies' at the University of Staffordshire from popping up.'

'My ideal result would be a Conservative majority of more than 20 seats.'

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• Lois Young, 22, history student

'The reason why we only have to start paying back our student loans after we earn £21,000 is because of the Liberal Democrats and the reason why the debt gets wiped off after 30 years is because of the Liberal Democrats. So many people are so ungrateful to the LIberal Democrats. They committed political suicide... and the population have rewarded them with disloyalty. I think they're the only party that really stick to their principles. They committed political suicide to be able to make a difference for students.'

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'I would actually really like the Liberal Democrats to go into coalition with someone because that's the only way I can get my voice heard and the way that the Liberal Democrats can get their voices heard. A Tory-Lib-Dem coalition would be ideal.'

• William Shears, 21, politics and media student

'Brexit has been a really big issue, lots of people are really concerned about it and the way that is going to impact students. Students are also concerned about healthcare, I don't know if the Tories will privatise the NHS but I worry about it.'

'I wouldn't mind a Conservative majority because I want a strong plan. Tonight is like the US Election - but hopefully with a good outcome.'

• Anonymous, 21, English and creative writing student

'Obviously tuition fees, and Brexit because of the European students that I know who will be affected by it.'

'My ideal scenario? A coalition of chaos. I really support having a minority government. I want there to be strong opposition to legislation.'

• Amy Rust, 21, UEA students' union officer

'I think there are three main issues: the economy and graduate employment; housing, we're in a crossroads with our housing market both nationally and locally; and thirdly a big issue is around mental health and getting the national government to actually take that seriously.'

'My ideal result would be a Labour majority.'

• Joe Zilch, 22, biology student

'The most important issues for students range from tuition fees to welfare, to immigration, depending on the individual views of that student.'

'My ideal scenario would be whatever party supports the scrapping of tuition fees. I think the Conservatives will grab it by a very tight majority though.'

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