West Walton pupils have fun with Vege Pals

West Walton Community Primary School pupils show their creations

West Walton Community Primary School pupils show their creations - Credit: Archant

Pupils have followed in the steps of Miranda Hart and have made their own Vege Pals out of ripe and misshapen fruit and vegetables.

Pupils making their Vege Pals

Pupils making their Vege Pals - Credit: Archant

For national campaign Waste Week, children at West Walton Community Primary School were given a Fresh Pod to take home to put in their fridge to keep their Vege Pal fresh for up to four times longer than normal.

Headteacher Jill Davis, said: 'We like to encourage our pupils to be aware of the world around them, and to know that they can play an active part in shaping that world. Making Vege Pals, and taking home a Fresh Pod to keep fruit and veg fresh for longer, is a really practical way of showing their parents and carers that we can all do something to reduce food waste.'

Cabinet member for environment, Brian Long, said the initiative was a fun way to get a serious message across - to save money and create less waste.

He said: 'In the UK, over 10pc of the food and drink we buy in our weekly shop ends up in the bin when it could have been eaten. Two out of five pieces of fruit or veg don't even make it into the shops as they're deemed too 'ugly' to sell by supermarkets. That's a lot of unnecessary food waste that we have to deal with.'

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