Video: Ronan Parke’s single will help beat the bullies as he tells of online threats

Poringland's Ronan Parke performing live during the Britains Got Talent Final 2011 tonight. Ronan fi

Poringland's Ronan Parke performing live during the Britains Got Talent Final 2011 tonight. Ronan finished second. - Credit: Archant © 2011

Norfolk teenage singing star Ronan Parke has told of the scary and shocking cyber-bullying he experienced as a 12-year-old on TV's Britain's Got Talent.Now 15, Ronan has released a new single in aid of anti-bullying charity Kidscape.

Half of the profits from 'Defined' will be going to the charity, which hopes to be able to support thousands more young people who are being bullied.

'When I was on the show I did experience bullying on social media,' he said. 'Because I was on one of the biggest shows in the country I expected people to be talking about me but it was shocking because I didn't expect the name-calling and threats.

'Because I was on the show I was having such a great time and I was focused on that, but it was after that it hit me.

'It was really upsetting and it was scary as well, especially the threats.

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'It was mostly name-calling but some of the threats were quite scary and I got help from people who I was working with so I've dealt with it now.'

When he first appeared the show, Ronan was just 12 years old, so the bullying was even more difficult to handle.

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'It was hard to deal with because of my age and I think what I needed to do was to tell people and when I finally did it helped me. If I was to give somebody advice I'd say definitely tell somebody so they can help you, tell somebody you trust.

'The aim of this song is to give people strength to be able to tell someone and I think that's difficult when you're being bullied because you lose confidence.'

Ronan's experience with bullying inspired him to work with writers on a song which would give young people the strength to talk about what they were going through and to become stronger than the bullies. When Kidscape heard the track the idea to make it into a charity single was formed. Nikki Kerr, the charity's head of fundraising said they were delighted to benefit from sales of Ronan's single.

'He's such a great talent and a lovely young man,' she said. 'We've been able to spread our message to his fans and other young people as well and the release of our first charity single is a great way to start the New Year.

'People who are bullied often keep it a secret for so long for fear of the bullying getting worse, but they need to be strong. Bullies thrive on silence. We run sessions for young people who have suffered from bullying where they can come along with a parent and talk about what they've gone through and work on their confidence and self-esteem.

'90% of young people on our course are not bullied again and the sales from this single will go towards helping us fund more of these sessions.'

Ronan say's he's already seen fans messaging each other and talking about their experiences of bullying. 'They've said that this has helped them overcome it, that's all I wanted from this song, to help. People have already said that it's helping them, they've spoken about their experiences and it just shows how brave my fans are. If they can speak to each other, it just shows that you can speak to somebody, you can get help.'

The charity was the first in the UK established specifically to prevent emotional, physical and cyber bullying and works with young people nationwide. To find out more, visit

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