TV actress shares her experience with Norwich School pupils for their latest show

Sauce For The Goose

Sauce For The Goose - Credit: Archant

Norwich School pupils have been learning the art of acting from stage and screen actress Matilda Ziegler for their latest show at Norwich's Maddermarket Theatre this week.

Best known for her roles as Mr Bean's girlfriend Irma Gobb and as Donna Ludlow in the BBC1 series EastEnders, Matilda has taken on the role of director in residence at the school and has directed the latest school production Sauce for the Goose.

Matilda has been sharing her experience in the industry with the show's cast.

She said: 'My work over the years has taught me how crucial it is for people to stretch themselves in the area of self-expression. Being 'present', with confidence and exuberance matters so much on stage. Physical relaxation and vocal technique can be learned, just like learning a musical instrument. It's just a process and it can be a surprisingly athletic one and I'm thrilled to be able to share this with the pupils at the school.'

The Sauce for the Goose production opens tonight and runs until Saturday. The play by Georges Feydeau is set the elegant rooms of Parisian society during the decadent age known as Le Fin de Siècle. The play includes moral twists and turns that are reminiscent of a more modern age, where women are resetting their moral compass.

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'With this diamond-cut French farce, which I have been lucky enough to help out on, the cast have been putting into practice some of the techniques that we have been exploring. At the end of rehearsal sessions they have been exhausted although they make it look effortless; the precision needed has been rigorously worked,' said Matilda.

Matilda will be working as director in residence for the rest of the year, after which she will take up the role of director of drama at the school.

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• Sauce for Goose is at the Maddermarket Theatre until Saturday. Tickets are available by emailing

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