Snettisham youngsters walk to promote road safety

Pupils from Snettisham Priary School take part in Brake's Giant Walking Bus event, to promote road s

Pupils from Snettisham Priary School take part in Brake's Giant Walking Bus event, to promote road safety. Picture: Matthew Usher.

Pupils at Snettisham primary school formed a crocodile to take part in a nationwide walk to promote road safety and call on drivers to slow down.

The youngsters joined over 100,000 children across the UK walking a combined total of over 60,000 miles, as part of Brake's Giant Walk.

To coincide with the event, the road safety charity revealed survey results that showed the biggest factors stopping parents letting children walk and cycle to school were the dangers of fast traffic and a lack of safe routes.

Lee Stevens, the school's headteacher, said: 'We're delighted to take part in Brake's Giant Walk. It's a fantastic opportunity for kids to make their voices heard and promote road safety to children, parents and drivers.

'Our pupils marched and shouted out loud about the importance of drivers slowing down in our community, so families can enjoy a healthy, fun, active lifestyle without being endangered.'

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Brake's Giant Walk is an annual event in primary schools where children learn about traffic pollution and danger, and transport choices.

Schools taking part get their pupils to walk in a crocodile of supervised children, holding hands on safe pavements, or around the school's grounds, which gives them a voice to tell drivers to slow down.

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Julie Townsend, deputy chief executive, Brake, said: 'It is a national scandal that danger from fast traffic often prevents children from having the fun, active, healthy childhoods they deserve.'

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