Parents' fury over ban from watching school sports days

Ruth Davies says she is delighted she won't have to endure another school sports day this year

Many parents feel they should be able to watch their children's sports days this year. - Credit: Getty Images

Angry parents are questioning why football fans can gather to watch the Euros but they cannot watch their children's sports days.

Many schools are holding their traditional end-of-term sports days without parents being able to watch, due to Covid restrictions.

We asked parents for their views, and more than 400 people responded on Facebook -  with many saying they should be able to watch the events as long as safety precautions were in place for everyone involved.

Rachael Russell said: "I think it’s totally unfair that we aren’t allowed to watch our boy's sports day.

"We missed his first sports day last year and now this year but it’s okay to allow people to go and watch football matches or horse racing."

Chloe Clark said: "This would be my son's first sports day as well. You can all go out and watch England/footy but can’t see your child doing sports day."

Vicky Jones said: "Yes, why not? It's outside. Children love to have their parents and grandparents watching. Don't you think children have been through enough?"

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And Juliette Bendell said: "Yes. How come we pack the football stadiums yet we can’t watch our four-year-old's first sports day?"

Football fans watching the England v Germany Euros game at The Arena in Sprowston. Picture: Danielle

Football fans watching the England v Germany Euros game at The Arena in Sprowston. - Credit: Danielle Booden

Continuing the sporting comparisons, Jordan Reece said: "Considering 60,000 can go to semi-finals and finals at Wembley and 12,000 go to Ascot, I think it wouldn’t hurt for 100 people to go see their kids do sports day."

Alison Osborne-Watts said: "I think it’s so sad. The football matches have been allowed spectators but yet a school is not allowed to have parents socially distanced outside to watch their children having fun doing sports for one afternoon. Disgusting. Poor children have missed out enough."


Tennis fans in Wimbledon Centre Court on June 28, 2021. - Credit: UEA

But Laura Woods said: "I don’t blame the schools at all. They’ve worked tirelessly to keep our children safe and all whilst the majority of them have their own families to worry about.

"It’s heartbreaking we’re not allowed to attend sports days and special events which are milestones in our children’s education. However 60,000 spectators are allowed to watch football."

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