Parents’ anger as children miss out on nursery places at Queen’s Hills in Costessey

Parents living in Queen's Hills have hit out at a lack of nursery places in the Costessey housing development after children missed out on pre-school places.

There are 52 spaces at Queen's Hills nursery, but nine children who live on the estate have been denied places.

With the development set to expand, Rebecca Clow, who lives at Queen's Hills and is pregnant with her second child, questioned how places would be found in the future.

She said: 'It seems ludicrous to build a school that was never able to accommodate the size of the estate.

'The reason families are moving to Queen's Hills is the promise of a community lifestyle which includes shops, parks, community centre and a school.

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'Putting your child's name down on a waiting list did not guarantee you a place, living in Queen's Hills did not guarantee you a place.

'I am currently expecting my second child and there are around 60 other expectant mothers at Queen's Hills.

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'Quite clearly when they all reach pre-school age we will all be fighting it out for a place.

'It baffles me how we have one active amenity and they cant even get that right.'

But Penny Sheppard, headteacher at Queen's Hill Primary and Nursery school, said places were limited to 26 children in the morning and 26 in the afternoon.

She said: 'As a head teacher and a parent, I can understand parents' frustrations.

'It is not possible to increase the number of places available.

'All our nursery sessions have been allocated according to the admissions criteria.'

Priority is given to families living nearest the nursery as the crow flies and those who already have a sibling at the school.

Mrs Sheppard added: 'Unfortunately we haven't been able to accept nine families who wanted to come to our nursery.

'However, there is every possibility that places will become available as the year continues.'

From September only children living in Queen's Hills will be given places at the nursery.

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