Parents and carers in North Walsham come under fire after pre-school forced to close

A North Walsham pre-school has been forced to close. Picture shows the town sign. Photo: Archant Lib

A North Walsham pre-school has been forced to close. Picture shows the town sign. Photo: Archant Library - Credit: Archant Library

A row has broken out on social media after a Norfolk pre-school was forced to close because not enough parents and carers attended its annual general meeting, as per its constitution.

Only 11 parents or carers out of 48 are believed to have turned up at Millfield pre-school's AGM in North Walsham on Wednesday, November 8. The minimum number that should have attended is believed to be 14.

On the school's Facebook page, it says, 'Unfortunately, as the required number of parents/ carers did not attend the AGM held at 7.30pm on Wednesday, November 8 Millfield pre-school has been forced to close.

'A further meeting has been arranged for Saturday, November 11 at 10am.

'To enable the pre-school to open on Monday, November 13 we will require all parents/ carers to attend the meeting on Saturday.'

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If parents/ carers do not attend then the school will remain closed until a further meeting has been called.

The school opened in 1975 and operates from its own building in South Rise, in the grounds of Millfield Primary School.

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Parents/ carers have been taking to social media to blast those that did not attend the meeting.

Ben Riches said: 'COME ON !!!, What a truly appalling turnout, 11 parents/carers from 48 families, obviously plenty of folk out there who it was simply too much effort to spend 30 minutes of their YEAR at a meeting that benefits them and their children, some people can be so selfish.'

Kevin Colman added: ''s a sad day! Admittedly there will be some that are unable to, but not that many!!!'

Melinda Johnson later apologised on social media for her non-appearance.

She said: '... Remy's isn't old enough to be left home alone, Luke and Reuben didn't get home from football training until 8.15 and by then it was to late for me to get there.'

Nikki O'Grady added: 'Unfortunately I was also unable to attend due to lack of childcare for my kids however I will be there on Saturday and hopefully if other people who couldn't get childcare can make it then too the school can be reopened.'

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