Ormiston Victory Academy: ‘Support was key to my exam success’ says Daniel

An Ormiston Victory Academy student who got so nervous in class he could not concentrate on his work has thanked his school for helping him through his exams.

Daniel Baldwin, 16, said he could feel his learning was suffering but did not tell anyone he was struggling for at least a month.

When the teenager, from the Marlpit area of Norwich, finally admitted he needed help, he was moved to a 'support for learning room' where he could work on his own in a quieter environment.

He said: 'I had some health problems with my nerves. The school stepped in as soon as they knew about it.

'I went in to the support for learning room and it made such a difference. I was able to concentrate more and got far more work done in there. I'm really pleased with how the school has supported me through this.'

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The change also improved life outside of lessons, with Daniel making more friends. 'I could come out of my shell a bit more,' he said.

Overcoming his nerves paid off and Daniel was rewarded with C grades in maths, English language and English literature, a D in geography and an E in history. He also achieved the equivalent of two Cs in his BTEC science and two Bs through a BTEC in ICT.

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