Lifetime teaching ban for teacher jailed for 18 months for voyeurism

Thomas Clarkson Academy

Thomas Clarkson Academy - Credit: Matthew Usher

A teacher who was jailed for 18 months after setting up hidden cameras in a bathroom, toilet and spare room has been banned from teaching for life.

Christopher Morris, who taught GCSE and A-level science at Thomas Clarkson Academy in Wisbech from 2009 to 2013, admitted seven counts of voyeurism at Preston Crown Court in April 2014.

The offences happened between 2004 and 2011, and did not take place in a school or workplace.

The professional conduct panel of the National College for Teaching and Learning discussed the 34-year-old's case on May 27.

In a judgement published this week, it said: 'The panel consider that Mr Morris has shown insufficient insight into his actions and that there is evidence of a deep seated attitude that could lead to harmful behaviour, given that Mr Morris' seven convictions covered a seven year period.'

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He did not attend the hearing, but in a letter said he was 'extremely remorseful', and had matured rapidly over the past two years, partly because he had become a father. He added that his offences did not involve children or vulnerable adults.

A reference from Clare Claxton, principal of Thomas Clarkson Academy, said he was a diligent teacher who supported students with a variety of pastoral issues, and followed the school's safeguarding procedures 'assiduously'.

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Speaking after the judgement was published, Mrs Claxton said: 'Mr Morris was employed by Thomas Clarkson Academy's predecessor school. All appropriate checks were made before his appointment. He was prosecuted after he had left the employment of the academy. There is no suggestion that he behaved inappropriately while a teacher at Thomas Clarkson.'

She added that the panel incorrectly said Morris left the school in August 2014; he actually left in July 2013.

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