Get ready to hustle... Guys and Dolls is coming to Aylsham

Aylsham students in costume for their production of Guys and Dolls. Picture: Joe Veroid

Aylsham students in costume for their production of Guys and Dolls. Picture: Joe Veroid - Credit: Joe Veroid

If you thought Aylsham was a respectable market town, filled with moral upright members of the community, well...

For one week only it's going to be packed with hustlers, gamblers, gangsters and exotic nightclub singers… and if you're quick, you can grab a glimpse for yourself.

Guys and Dolls is coming to town – the smash hit musical performed at Aylsham High School.

It's the story of a bunch of gamblers, hustlers and low life who come into contact with a troupe of inner city missionaries.

The hustlers place a bet that Sky Masterson can't take the prim and proper missionary Sarah out on a date…. and the missionaries want to set the Guys on the straight and narrow.

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What happens is an action-packed, high-energy musical extravaganza that has wowed theatre-goers and the critics for an amazing 67 years.

It's packed with Broadway's greatest show-stopping tunes such as 'Luck Be A Lady', 'Sit Down You're Rockin' The Boat' and 'My Time of Day' – all made famous in the 1955 movie with Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons and Frank Sinatra.

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Director of the show is Aylsham High School's Head of Drama, Hazel Martin: 'It's a fabulous show,' she said.

'There are songs people will know, chorus and dance routines, it moves along at a ripping pace.'

The production is at Aylsham High School every evening from Wednesday to Saturday, March 15 to 18, at 7.30pm, with a matinée on the Saturday.

You could take a gamble and buy tickets on the door, or if you want a dead cert then it's best to book them in advance. Tickets, priced £10 and £11, are available from Aylsham High School on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, between 12.30pm and 1.20pm, or book online at and Dolls has come off the West End after an amazing run and nationwide tour. And the team at Aylsham High have spared no effort to make their production every bit as sizzling as the West End.They have spent months researching authentic costumes and a larger than life set.

Producer Tanya Wiseman said: 'It takes months of research to plan our sets, we started in June last year. We have been going over other people's shows to take the best of everything and recreate it here.'

The show opens with the everyday chaos on Broadway, New York, brilliantly recreated with beggars, hustlers, low-life cons, gangsters and their Dolls, complete with shoeshine booth, tenement blocks and the Save A Soul Mission.

It bursts into song and dance with cleverly choreographed numbers including the Sewer scene, recreated with a stunning larger-then-life sewer tunnel where the hustlers stage a game.

And one of the highlights will be a hot and steamy night in Havana, Cuba, where Sky Masterson takes Sarah on a date. It's a music and dance fiesta with exotic night club dancers, licquor-fuelled bust ups and smooching salsa.

Isaac Morton who plays Sky Masterson said: 'I've had so much fun rehearsing with the talented people at Aylsham High School, it has been one of the most fun years of my life. We hope you will come and see our performance!'

Georgia Stannett plays the virtuous missionary Sarah Brown. 'It's really nice to do this one in my last year, the whole atmosphere, with the costumes and set is amazing.'

Jacob Sinkins is 'Harry The Horse'. 'Guys and Dolls will be my fourth musical at Aylsham High School and four years on I still feel the same passion and excitement before each rehearsal and show,' he said.

Director Mrs Martin added: 'We have a fantastic cast. We chose Guys and Dolls because we had such a strong team of male singers and actors.'

They also have a team of scenery builders who have given up weeks and weeks of their own time to build New York and Havana on stage. The professional band is drawn from local musicians.

Aylsham High School is renowned for its musical productions. Guys and Dolls is the latest in a string of hit shows that have been staged at Aylsham High School.

Packed audiences saw The King and I last year. They have tackled The Sound of Music, Carousel, Crazy For You, Fiddler On The Roof, Half A Sixpence and more.

The big news is Aylsham has secured the rights to stage 42nd Street next year, the foot-tappin' song and dance hit that's just coming back to the West End.

Mrs Martin said: 'Next year will be our 20th big production, so we're thrilled to be allowed to be putting on such a big show.

'The shows have become part of the life blood of the school. The students here work incredibly hard, as do the crew, to put on shows of the very highest standards.'

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