Report sings primary pupils' praises

Gaywood Ofsted

Head Neil Mindham with pupils at Gaywood Primary School - Credit: Ian Burt

A west Norfolk primary school has been praised by school inspectors for providing a “rich educational experience” for pupils.

The Ofsted inspection of Gaywood Primary School also highlighted the school’s strong community, noting "joyfully singing together" in assemblies and how pupils behave well and respect each other. 

Pupil’s learning in each class is interesting and carefully planned, to ensure they cover a broad range of topics in each subject, the report said.

This is enhanced by wider opportunities, such as sports clubs and music tuition, it added.

The inspection of Gaywood Primary, which is part of West Norfolk Academies Trust, was carried out by Ofsted on Oct 6 and 7.

The school’s performance was rated as good in all categories, including quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development, leadership and management and early years provision.

There is a “comprehensively planned curriculum” which prioritises key knowledge and vocabulary, and the standard of what is expected of pupils is high.

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In subjects such as English and maths, the inspectors said teachers “skilfully build” on pupils’ learning “day-on-day” and “week-on-week”.

The inspectors noted provision for pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities is “strong”, with staff well trained to meet the needs of pupils and support is planned carefully around individuals.

“Pupils behave well. They are attentive and work hard,” the report added.

“School staff use consistent approaches to managing behaviour through the school, which means pupils are clear about the expectations. 

“Pupils learn about other cultures and ways of life. They are positive about getting to know others who are different to themselves."

Neil Mindham, headteacher at Gaywood Primary School, said: “I am extremely pleased that the Ofsted inspectors acknowledge our school is a strong community and that children have a rich educational experience at Gaywood Primary. 

“We hope that staff, parents/carers and pupils alike will feel immense pride in the many positives about our school which have been highlighted in the report.

“We look forward to continuing to provide a warm, friendly, atmosphere in a safe, caring environment where children will be happy and successful.”

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