Future Voices: What’s your plan B if you don’t get the grades or work placement you need?

Students sitting an exam. Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Students sitting an exam. Photo: Niall Carson/PA Wire - Credit: PA

Most young people nowadays are encouraged to have an aim or goal for the future - but what happens if your first choice falls through?

Many plan out what they will do in detail, for example: exactly what sixth form they will go to, where they will work in the future? But the majority don't think about what happens if something goes wrong; if you don't get the grades for sixth form, or you don't get accepted into your dream work placement at your planned company.

Often, this is hard to face when you have to make a decision as to what you will do when your future is right around the corner. Therefore, it's important to have a plan B and know about the alternatives available to you.

Never give up on your goal, and always remember there's another way of getting there.

1. Apprenticeships - these allow you to go straight into the world of work and gain a lot of experience in the specific job or area that you want to work in. They could arguably be a quicker way for you to get to the top.

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2. Colleges, offering BTECs - these get you qualifications in the specific area that you want to study, such as where you may study an A-level in English to be a journalist, you could instead do a BTEC in journalism.

3. University is not the only option - you can go straight into a job and save a lot of money by not attending university. Although, higher education gains you further qualifications and experience, you could instead go straight into a job at 18. Only an average of 49pc of young people per year go to university.

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So if you're stuck on what to do after not being able to follow your path exactly as planned, take these tips and don't forget your goal - it's still reachable!

If you're now starting to plan out your future, my advice to you is to make sure you know about all the options available to you. Never be set back if one thing doesn't work out; there's always another way.

Click here for more information about apprenticeships.Alice Wilson, 15, Wymondham College

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