Future Voices: ‘There’s no way to describe how I felt when I saw my first printed article’

Future Voices Aaron Cahill, Charlotte Wilson, Joe Hamilton, Taylor Ball, Emily Oxbury and Laura Wrig

Future Voices Aaron Cahill, Charlotte Wilson, Joe Hamilton, Taylor Ball, Emily Oxbury and Laura Wright. Photo : Steve Adams - Credit: Steve Adams

We're looking for a new editorial team of young people to plan, write and edit articles about their lives, views and growing up in Norfolk.

The team is made up of young journalists and photographers aged 13-18. You'll get the chance to have your work published in the EDP website and newspaper, meet new friends and pick up some fantastic working experience of print journalism.

Need more convincing? Well, this is what some of our current editorial team thought of their time with Future Voices.

My time at Future Voices

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When I first arrived at Archant, which is an intimidating building in itself, I felt nervous and apprehensive to say the least. It was from that moment that I realized that Future Voices was going to take me out of my comfort zone.

Almost a year down the line and I feel like a much better writer and person as a result.

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I've written many articles (some of which have been published in the EDP itself), taken part in and chaired meetings with people who were mostly complete strangers to me in the beginning. I have learnt and laughed so much with everyone I have worked with.

Thanks to Future Voices I know that I want to continue to write for the rest of my life as a career as well as in my free time and I would implore anyone who is interested in becoming one of the editors to grab this wonderful opportunity with both hands.

Joe Hamilton, 17, Wolterton

The best thing about Future Voices

Where do I begin? Future Voices has given me a real insight into the world of journalism and also led me to some amazing opportunities.

I have had the privilege to speak to and interview some fascinating people, and share their stories with many other young people. I've attended monthly board meetings, seen behind the scenes at the EDP offices and best of all - seen my own work printed in the paper.

There's no way to describe how I felt when I saw my first printed article, back in September 2014. It was surreal. Even today, 18 months down the line, the fact I've had the chance to have my work published in the EDP still hasn't sunk in.

Thank you Future Voices!

Emily Oxbury, 15, Blofield

How Future Voices has helped me

For me, the best thing about Future Voices was seeing my first article published in the paper. It was amazing to have something I'd written be featured in the EDP and I'm very thankful for this opportunity.

I've really enjoyed my time and have looked forward to writing an article every month. My favourite piece to write was actually my last one: an interview with Paralympic gold medallist Jessica-Jane Applegate. It was a great experience and I loved piecing it together and I'm proud of the final result.

I'm delighted to now have a portfolio of my work that I can use in later life and I couldn't have done it without Future Voices.

Aaron Cahill, 16, Attleborough

I am incredibly thankful to the whole team

My time at Future Voices has been an experience that anyone would wish for.

From laughing about speedway to having debates about bullying within schools, it has been an interesting and enticing year and so nice to meet so many other young people with similar aspirations to my own.

Writing the monthly articles includes learning all about how to be a true journalist, from collecting quotes from a range of people to writing opinion pieces about my own views.

Overall, Future Voices really helps young people to express their opinions and give them a voice, so I am incredibly thankful to the whole team for the experience and opportunities it has given me.

Alice Wilson, 15, Wymondham College

Apply here by Sunday, 22 May. Future Voices is supported by Norfolk County Council.

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