Future Voices: Pride has something to offer for everyone

The annual Norwich Pride parade through the city centre. Picture: Denise Bradley

The annual Norwich Pride parade through the city centre. Picture: Denise Bradley - Credit: copyright: Archant 2014

The sixth annual Pride event in Norwich this year was on Saturday, July 26, and hundreds of people turned out to show their support for the LGBT people living in and around Norwich. I went along with the Breckland Youth Advisory Board (YAB) and loved every minute of it.

Though I do not identify as LGBT myself, I felt it was important to go and support those who were in their campaign for equal rights in everything from the workplace to the law. Although it is seen by many as a celebration – and it definitely is, in many respects – Pride is also a protest for people to speak out about equality for LGBT people, as in many places they still do not have equal rights.

The atmosphere was stunning, as it felt happy and accepting wherever you were in the city. People had the freedom to be who they wanted to be. Norwich became overwhelmed with rainbows, whistles and colour as the parade started, working its way round part of the city.

There was a display in the Forum highlighting the work of Proud Schools, which teaches children in school about relationships and sexualities, helping them become more understanding.

Pride is something for everyone, not just those who identify as LGBT, and that definitely showed from what I could see. It was a brilliant experience and I think that everyone should go to something like it at least once in their life, just to see how accepting and free people can be.

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Kristina Fox, 15, from Mattishall

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