Future Voices: PE - Physical Education or Pointless Education?

Netball. EDP SPORT 2607

Netball. EDP SPORT 2607 - Credit: Archant

Cast your mind back to your last PE lesson then answer this: what did you actually learn? Most likely, something along the lines of how to bounce a ball or how to do a pencil roll.

There is currently a gaping hole in the knowledge these lessons provide us with in order to, 'lead healthy, active lives' which is one of the key aims of PE lessons on the National Curriculum in England.

'PE lessons don't do enough to help young people to lead a healthy lifestyle. They should teach us how to eat healthily and the negative effects of over-exercising,' says 16 year-old Annie.

Not one PE lesson I have attended has even mentioned the importance of a healthy and balanced diet yet, it is such a fundamental part of living a healthy life. For example, what is the difference between a simple and complex carbohydrate? Or which foods cause high cholesterol?

At the same time PE lessons shouldn't become just another lesson spent writing at a desk. Doing sport is a great way to de-stress and yet, even the sports side of PE leaves a lot to be desired. We often spend most of the lessons doing passing drills instead of actually playing a game of netball.

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Additionally, we should learn about activities that will actually be useful to us outside of school. For example, self-defence, which is more likely to be of use later on life than knowing how to do the perfect chest pass.

Should PE lessons include more useful information about how to keep fit and healthy or should they just be a way of winding down by kicking a football about?

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Ellie Rose, 16, New Costessey

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