Educating Norfolk: Ten things we learned this week

Ten things we learned this week. Photo: Chris Radburn/PA Wire

Ten things we learned this week. Photo: Chris Radburn/PA Wire - Credit: PA

We have focused on the state of education in Norfolk this week. Here are 10 things we have learned over the past seven days.

Our readers are happier with the state of primary schools than secondary schools in Norfolk.

The future of small schools in Norfolk is going to be put under the spotlight again.

Ofsted and the county council will be demanding higher standards from nursery schools.

Collaboration between schools was an important part of London's transformation.

Business leaders fear Norfolk's poor reputation for education could damage investment in the county.

More Norfolk schools are set to join the growing number of Norfolk academy chains.

A refusal to accept any excuses for poor performance was an important part of improving schools in the capital.

Top graduates training to be teachers could be sent to 50 Norfolk schools in deprived areas to improve recruitment and retention.

Businesses are frustrated by the number of children leaving Norfolk schools without key employment skills.

The quality of careers advice in Norfolk schools is a major issue.

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