Educating Norfolk: Pupils at Ormiston Venture Academy in Gorleston tell us what makes a good school

Victoria Hall, Venture Academy

Victoria Hall, Venture Academy - Credit: Archant

Pupils at Ormiston Venture Academy talk about how their school has changed, and what makes a good school.

Alana Taylor, Venture Academy

Alana Taylor, Venture Academy - Credit: Archant

Tyler Munro, Venture Academy

Tyler Munro, Venture Academy - Credit: Archant

Alana Taylor, in year 11, said: 'We have definitely got more aspiration here. When we came in year seven we were scared about our GCSEs but now we know that we have so much help and support that we will do the best we can. The teachers listen to how we learn best and it's put into action.'

Kevin Benny, Venture Academy

Kevin Benny, Venture Academy - Credit: Archant

Cameron Hodds, Venture Academy

Cameron Hodds, Venture Academy - Credit: Archant

Victoria Hall, in year 11, said: 'Before it was loud and hard to focus on your work, but now there's much more actual punishment if anything actually happens. Everybody does want to work now, and they want to get their GCSEs. There's no-one messing about in class.'

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Kevin Benny, in year 11, said: 'Being clever is cooler now. People look up to you and they try to help. The kids who are quite clever help people who are not so. Especially in year 11 we have a lot of work to do and you have the raise achievement room where we do our homework and we help each other a lot.'

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Tyler Munro, in year seven, said: 'I think it's absolutely amazing. It's completely fantastic. There's nothing I would change. It's not just boring lessons. It's exciting. They want to teach you and that makes it fun.'

Cameron Hodds, in year seven, said: 'My dad went to Oriel and he said he would have preferred to go to Ormiston because it's so much better. All the lessons here are different. In a lesson you learn about the some topic but you learn about it completely differently in each lesson.'

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