Dispute over Thorpe St Andrew school parking could feature in new TV documentary

Thorpe Town Council are looking to close off Vane Close, outside Dussindale Primary School, for a we

Thorpe Town Council are looking to close off Vane Close, outside Dussindale Primary School, for a week, to make parents think twice about parking.PHOTO BY SIMON FINLAY - Credit: SIMON FINLAY

A long-running school parking dispute on the edge of Norwich could feature in a new TV series.

ITV's Parking Wars has expressed an interest in covering the issue outside Dussindale Primary School in Thorpe St Andrew for its latest series.

It comes following a proposal by the town council to try to solve the problem by closing off the street leading to the school for a week.

Producer Rachel Harvie, from Century Films, visited Thorpe St Andrew Town Council on Monday to talk about the project.

She said: 'We popped up to the school to see the issue for ourselves and there clearly is an issue. A young man banged on our window, fairly aggressively and told us to move along.

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'We are very aware that parking stories around schools are incredibly common, but what struck me as quite interesting about what is going on here is a potentially interesting solution to the problem.'

The series, which was first broadcast last year, covers parking issues across the UK and how they are being resolved. Councillors were told that the film crew would first have to secure permission from the primary school before anything could begin.

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The town council's proposal to close off access to Vane Close would see parents travelling by car forced to park elsewhere in the town.

During that time, people living in the cul-de-sac would still have access.

It was suggested following years of complaints from people living in the cul-de-sac opposite the school.

Deputy mayor Ian Mackie said: 'I think it is about how we are trying to do something innovative, just as a pilot, and see if some kind of behavioural change will come out of this week-long experiment, and that is the key.'

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