Are Norfolk’s millennials having a ‘quarter life crisis’?

A new survey suggests Norfolk's millenials may be having a 'quarter life crisis' when it comes to th

A new survey suggests Norfolk's millenials may be having a 'quarter life crisis' when it comes to their careers. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Almost three quarters of the millennial workforce in the East of England seek major career changes as they hit their 'quarter life crises', new research reveals.

A national survey has claimed that 71pc of millennials (adults aged 21-39) working in the East of England are likely to make major changes to their current job or career in the near future.

Over a third admit they are not passionate about their current situation, and desire a more rewarding career.

The research, conducted for Get Into Teaching, a campaign that encourages people to consider teaching as a career, surveyed more than 2,000 professionals aged 21-40.

The survey revealed that 73pc of people in the East of England agreed that teaching would be a rewarding and fulfilling job, and would consider making major changes to their own careers.

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Harriet Minter, a career coach and women in leadership advocate, said: "Your late twenties and thirties are a time of considerable personality development and growth, and it's not surprising that more and more people are finding themselves at a career crossroads.

"People's values, goals and motivations can change, so it makes sense that a growing number of professionals are coming to the realisation that they are in a career that is very different to what they had imagined when they first entered the working world."

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Roger Pope, spokesman for the Get Into Teaching campaign, said: "This research highlights the importance to young professionals of being in a rewarding role they feel passionate about and how they want to make a change and forge a new career path before they reach their 40th birthday.

"This is where teaching comes into its own - particularly for those who are looking for a career that is rooted in purpose and that can provide fulfilment and long-term prospects.

"I would encourage anyone wondering what their day job means to them at this time of year to visit the Get Into Teaching website and register their interest."

A series of interviews conducted in Norwich city centre has suggested the 'quarter life crisis' is affecting number of young people in varying stages of their career.

James Brighton, 21, says that he is currently experiencing his quarter life crisis, and would like to make a career change this coming year.

He works on a marketing team at a law firm, but is now looking for work elsewhere in a job that he is more passionate about.

Dean, 24, has always aspired to be a videographer. However, he says that he is currently going through his quarter life crisis so may consider a different path in the future. He feels great uncertainty about the future, and predicts he will probably go through a few jobs before realising what he wants to do.

Abby Brown (26), says that, while she enjoys her job at the NHS, she would love to work as a teaching assistant in the future.

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