Asda bans Norfolk high school students after anti-social behaviour

The ASDA store on Drayton High Road in Norwich. Photo: Steve Adams

The ASDA store on Drayton High Road in Norwich. Photo: Steve Adams

Students at a Norfolk high school have been banned from a nearby supermarket until the summer break.

Hellesdon High School. Picture: Google Maps

Hellesdon High School. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

Hellesdon High School wrote to parents and carers to say that Asda, on Drayton High Road, had banned all its students from the store until the end of the summer term unless they are accompanied by an adult.

Principals Mike Earl and Tom Rolfe said: 'We've always enjoyed a very successful working relationship with the nearby Asda store and will continue to work closely with them.

'However, with the introduction of the new GDPR regulations CCTV footage can no longer be shared with the school in the same way and this unfortunately present some difficulty in working together to identify any students acting in an anti social manner. 'The majority of students are tremendous ambassadors for the school and we take very seriously any incident where a student brings the school into disrepute.'

The letter also included a message from Steve Clarke, general store manager in Norwich, who said some pupils had been disruptive and abusive to colleagues.

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He said students were no longer allowed to loiter on the premises, though they would be entitled to pass through the car park on their way to and from school.

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'This ban will be effective after half term and will be in place for the remainder of the school year,' he said. 'It will then be assessed at the beginning of the next academic year beginning September.'

A message from police sergeant Jon Bendall, from the Norwich Operational Partnership Team, said the names of any students found to be causing anti-social behaviour would be referred to the relevant police team.

Initially, he said, the pupil would be given words of advice which would be recorded, and would be issued with a warning letter in further incidents.

Repeat incidents may be referred to the Youth Offending Team.

'Whilst acknowledging that a minority of Hellesdon High School pupils are responsible for this behaviour, we would encourage all parents to reinforce the banning order,' he said.

'This will hopefully prevent those who have previously innocently used the store being involved.

'It is regrettable that Asda have had to resort to taking this course of action, but the behaviour of some students has left them with no other choice due to the impact on their business.'

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