What do you want to be when you grow up? We went and asked a Maple Class at Whitefriars CofE Academy, in King's Lynn and found one or two surprising answers.

Eastern Daily Press: Aspirations Day at Whitefriars CofE Primary Academy. Picture: Ian BurtAspirations Day at Whitefriars CofE Primary Academy. Picture: Ian Burt (Image: Archant 2017)

Pupils have been taking part in an aspirations week, where adults from the emergency services and local businesses have come to school to talk about their jobs.

When we asked what aspirations meant, the hands flew up as children explained it meant their future ambitions and what they hoped to achieve.

Nine-year-old Domantas was one of the most ambitious. When asked what he wanted to do for a job, he said: 'Supplier, farmer, Youtuber, author, illustrator, game maker, game tester, actor, worker and mayor.'

Classmate Amelia, 10, said she hoped to join the RAF. She added: 'It's fun to know you're helping your country if there's a war and you get to fly planes as well.'

Dzivgas, aged nine, said he wanted to be a boxer. Seth, also nine, hopes to become an english teacher.

Brandon, nine, said he hoped to become an athlete because he liked running round the school field. Paul, also nine, wants to be a runner.

Jamie, nine, hopes to be an electrician. He said: 'I like technology like computers and TVs.'

Sonya, 10, said: 'I want to work in the Navy and drive battleships because I like boats and the sea.'

Nine-year-old William said he hoped to become a builder so he'd get to drive diggers.

Seth, also nine, said he wanted to be an electrician because they earn good money.

Kat, 10, said: 'I'd like to be a dentist because I'd like to help people if they had anything aching.'

Maja and Valda, both nine, said they wanted to be police officers to catch criminals.

Rikardas, 10, said: 'I want to be a mad scientist, because I really like science.

Actors, archaeologists, scientists, bus drivers, vets and ice cream vendors, vets, translators and tree surgeons were among other choices. Kaine wanted to be a bus driver and Youtuber. Technology featured among several other youngsters' career choices.

Ella, nine, said: 'I want to be an Apple product cashier and sell iPhones, tablets and laptops to people.'

Tyler, also nine, said he wanted to open a pizzeria where the customers would be entertained by robots.