The EDP says...Like them or loathe them, our elected councillors deserve praise

Mac McGinn, who has celebrated 45 years as a Sheringham town councillor. Photo: KAREN BETHEL

Mac McGinn, who has celebrated 45 years as a Sheringham town councillor. Photo: KAREN BETHEL - Credit: Archant

They often come in for criticism about the decisions they take on our behalf.

But as Mac McGinn celebrates 45 years serving on Sheringham Town Council, it perhaps time to give a little recognition to those who serve us in local government.

People see councillors being paid thousands of pounds a year in allowances and maybe do not understand what it is for.

While some voters may see it as a nice little extra earner, others see it as a relatively small amount for the many hours of sitting in council chambers and dealing with casework in the community.

If it really was just about the money, there would surely be a queue of people wanting to stand.

However parties of all colours have their challenges finding candidates, so the work of supporting the community falls on a small number of shoulders.

That Mr McGinn has given 45 years of his life to the cause is even more remarkable. How many of us can honestly say we have devoted that much time to our communities?

Of course our councillors make mistakes and there are ways they could improve.

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But the vast majority of them are doing it for the right reasons - wanting to improve the areas where they live - and many do so around their busy work lives and family commitments to boot.

Ultimately, we need more people like Mr McGinn. It's very easy to complain - but if you want to effect positive change, being a councillor is a good place to start.

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