EDP launches new 'Your Money Matters' cost of living campaign

Households are facing a cost of living crisis

Households are facing a cost of living crisis with higher energy bill and rising fuel and food prices. - Credit: PA

The Eastern Daily Press is today launching a campaign to try and help its readers through the growing cost of living crisis.

Increased financial pressures are taking their toll on every single person in this region and therefore today we are committing to do even more to help you through it.

As part of the 'EDP's Your Money Matters' campaign our manifesto reads as follows:

  • The EDP will commit increased resource to cover the cost of living crisis.
  • Our reporters will commit to telling your stories, sharing both your struggles and successes during this crisis.
  • We pledge not just to report ways people are being affected - but to help find practical solutions to ease the burden.
  • We will identify and highlight areas in which people are being treated unfairly and campaign for changes where need be.
  • We will highlight ways people can financially support others living on the breadline.
  • We will support local firms to highlight their struggles and how they are trying to help consumers save money
  • Through money off offers and deals in the newspaper and online we will aim to do our bit to help.
Fuel PovertyHeating billsHeatingBillsByline: Sonya Duncan

Fuel Poverty Heating bills Heating Bills Byline: Sonya Duncan - Credit: Archant

EDP editor David Powles said: "We know that the increased cost of living is the number one issue affecting all of our readers at this moment in time.

"It feels like every single day brings a new report of an increase in cost, all of which contributes to put families, the elderly, couples and those living alone, under increased financial pressure.

"I know we need to do more for our readers than just reporting on these increases. We need to help find solutions, ways to make it easier and areas in which we can fight so people can enjoy a better quality of life.

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"This is our commitment to do much more on this issue and really try to make a difference where we can."

Over the next few weeks we will run a series of articles focusing on various aspects of the cost of living crisis.

The work will be carried out by our reporters, features and business writers and investigations teams to ensure we are really able to get under the skin of the issue.

The UK is being hit by a perfect storm of rising inflation and increased taxes and some experts predict we could be heading for a recession the likes of which we have never seen before.

There are fears this will sink many hundreds of thousands more into poverty, including the young and old.

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact and so too has Russia's attack on Ukraine, which is leading to increases in fuel and other goods.

(Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire)

Foodbanks could become even more important if more people sink into poverty (Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire) - Credit: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Areas this has already impacted include fuel prices, rents and mortgages, utility bills, to name but a few.

As part of the campaign we would like to hear people's personal experiences as to how the crisis has impacted them. You can also visit our website edp24.co.uk to take part in a reader survey on the subject.

If you are willing to take part or have a story related to the campaign please email simon.parkin@archant.co.uk

Our cost of living survey has now closed - click here for the results