Easter rave warning from police after 13 arrests at Burnham Market

A fresh warning against raves has been issued by the police after 13 people were arrested early on Sunday morning from farmland in Burnham Market.

The rave was held close to Old Sussex Farm Road in the North Norfolk village and involved about 500 people and 150 cars.

Out of the 13 arrests made yesterday, 10 of them were for people who ignored a legal order to leave the area. The other three were arrested on suspicion of possession of drugs.

Most of the people at the rave left peacefully after a number of the legal orders were made.

The people who were arrested have been bailed until the middle of this month.

Sound equipment, including power generators, were also seized and three vehicles were impounded.

Several fixed penalty notices were also issued for road related offences, including seat belt and speeding offences.

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In the lead up to Easter, officers have warned that there will be a zero tolerance approach to raves across the county.

Chief Supt Nick Dean said: 'The event at the weekend at Burnham Market is a timely reminder of the action that we will take with regards to raves. We will intervene and, where necessary, not hesitate to make arrests and seize equipment.

'It's important to remind people that we will continue to work with the organisers of licensed musical events.

'Unlicensed musical events or raves are unsafe and disruptive to our local communities. These types of event are anti-social and can cause a great deal of distress not just to local people, but can also have an adverse impact on the environment and wildlife. 'We will continue to take a hard line against them and seek to prosecute anyone found to be involved in their organisation.

'Where evidence is found to identify those responsible we will do everything we can to bring them to justice. We always prosecute whenever possible in partnership with other agencies.'

Members of the public are urged to play their part and support police action by remaining vigilant by reporting any suspicious activity which may lead them to believe a rave is being organised.

Suspicious activity may include:

Trespassers on private land taking interest in a potential rave site.

A large gathering of vehicles in car parks or moving convoy of vehicles on roads.

Incursions onto land by people with vans which may be carrying sound equipment.

Landowners are being reminded to secure entrances to their property and report any breaches suspected of being linked to a potential raves to police.

Anyone with information about an illegal rave or witness to suspicious activity on farmland or in buildings should contact Norfolk police on 101.

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