Dutch band set to go on a Magical Mystery Tour in Norwich

NNF16. The Analogues. Photo: supplied.

NNF16. The Analogues. Photo: supplied. - Credit: supplied

Roll up for a Magical Mystery Tour which is going to celebrate one of the world's best-known albums. Dutch band The Analogues is set to recreate classic Beatles tracks using authentic instruments on the stage of Norwich Theatre Royal, as John Bultitude discovers.

NNF16. The Analogues. Photo: submitted.

NNF16. The Analogues. Photo: submitted. - Credit: submitted

It is something that the Fab Four never attempted, and so it is a challenge which is relished by the members of the band The Analogues.

They have set themselves the challenge during their musical career of performing all of the Beatles albums live from Revolver onwards.

But it is the Magical Mystery Tour LP which is first on the list and is set to be performed in its entirety on the Norwich Theatre Royal stage.

Band member Bart van Poppel said the idea came from their drummer Fred.

NNF16. The Analogues. Photo: Robert Lagendijk.

NNF16. The Analogues. Photo: Robert Lagendijk. - Credit: Robert Lagendijk

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He explained: 'He came up with the idea of playing The Beatles albums live using the same sort of instruments that they would have done. Making it authentic did make it even more complicated.'

The process from page to stage is a complicated one with the band analysing every single note of every single song.

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Bart said: 'Before we play one note, each note is picked to the bone to analyse the sound and every instrument that we need. We also copy all the arrangements, rehearse and re-rehearse to get it exactly right.

'This also helps us really understand them and get them correct. After a while, you start to sound like The Beatles. When you reach that stage, it is then time to start adding in all the other instruments.'

This then brings in a whole new layer of work as The Analogues turn internet detectives to track down as many authentic instruments as possible.

Bart explained: 'For this album, for example, we needed a couple of organs and a harpsichord. You search all over the world and use eBay to find the instruments. I found instruments from the States and the UK and Germany. It makes it really authentic like the Beatles. It helps us sound like them but we don't wear clothes like The Beatles. We just sound like them.'

And so the stage is set for a performance on Friday which will aim to bring the album to life.

As well as the band and their instruments, it also features a backstage team of 10 who make sure the concert goes without a hitch.

Bart said: 'They will hand us guitars and different instruments. We tend to change them for every song. They also have to make sure each one is also with us at the right time. It is a lot of fun though and really interesting.'

The Norwich Theatre Royal date will also mark the band's UK debut although their concerts have been hugely popular in their native Holland.

Bart said: 'We started our tour dates with just three or four hundred people in the audience. By the end of the tour, we were sold out everywhere. People were completely entranced.

'You also find people are bringing their children and grandchildren. There are lots of people who have seen two or three shows and come along for a second time and bring other members of their family.'

And as he prepares to wow Norwich audiences, does he have a favourite track on the album? 'It is really hard to pick a favourite. I like The Walrus. Blue Jay Way is another favourite even though it isn't one of their best-known songs.'

So get ready for an authentically Merseybeat inspired night out as psychedelia and classic song-writing combine as part of the Norfolk & Norwich Festival, and Penny Lane comes to Theatre Street.

The Analogues Magical Mystery Tour is at Norwch Theatre Royal on Friday, May 20 at 8pm. Tickets £8-£25. For more information and to book, call the box office on 01603 630000 or visit www.theatreroyalnorwich.co.uk

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