“Dull” Diss homes plans criticised

Fresh plans for a large housing estate on the edge of Diss have failed to win over civic leaders, who described the scheme as 'abysmally dull'.

National house builder Persimmon Homes was criticised by town councillors last week for failing to meet their previous concerns for a development off Frenze Hall Lane.

Proposals for 120 homes on the greenfield site, which already has outline permission, were rejected by district councillors in November because of its poor design and high density.

But members of Diss Town Council said the new-look plans had done nothing to ease their concerns regarding access, layout and design.

Persimmon Homes says it has improved the look of the scheme and moved the affordable housing away from the railway line.

But David Summers, the town council's planning advisor, said the scheme was 'unimaginative' and had 'no sense of place'.

'There is an attempt at a few false chimneys, but in my opinion does not disguise the banality of the design. Diss deserves a much better scheme for this very important site,' he said.

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Councillors have also called for the widening of Frenze Hall Lane over safety fears for the narrow road.

Sycamore Way resident Simon Olander said he was concerned about the lack of footpaths on both sides of the roads of the proposed estate.

'I do not think it is a safe place. This will be the second biggest estate in Diss. It is another example of poor planning and design,' he said.

If approved, the development would block off any hopes of a new relief road for traffic between Vinces Road and Frenze Hall Lane.